Monday, April 30, 2012

Picture of the Day - November 2010

I'm sure most people who read this (2 out of the 3?) know that I spent 2010 working on a project where I took one photo each day. That was pretty much the only rule; it could be the most exciting thing that day, something I thought was pretty, or just a hastily assembled still life because it was late and I had forgotten to take a photo earlier. All photos are taken with the same camera, and are unedited (except for one or two that are cropped). I still haven't broken the habit of carrying a camera around with me everywhere, and it is odd to look back on my life in a series of 365 photos.

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November, 2010

November 1st

November 2nd
November 3rd
November 4th
November 5th
November 6th
November 7th
November 8th
November 9th
November 10th
November 11th
November 12th
November 13th
November 14th
November 15th
November 16th
November 17th
November 18th
November 19th
November 20th
November 21st
November 22nd
November 23rd
November 24th
November 25th
November 26th
November 27th
November 28th
November 29th
November 30th

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  1. I tried this with my bike commute last year and I proved once and for all that I stink at photography. (They're all on the rootchopper Flickr site.) I just went through your 365 pix and can't tell you the number of times I went "WOW!" Your pix are really good.