Sunday, January 23, 2011

Photo of the Day - January

From the late eighteenth century onwards, it is no longer from the practice of community but from being a wanderer that the instinct of fellow-feeling is derived. Thus an essential isolation and silence and loneliness become the carriers of nature and community against the rigours, the cold abstinence, the selfish ease of ordinary society.

Raymond Williams, The Country and the City

I'm sure most people who read this (2 out of the 3?) know that I spent the last year working on a project where I took one photo each day. That was pretty much the only rule; it could be the most exciting thing that day, something I thought was pretty, or just a hastily assembled still life because it was late and I had forgotten to take a photo earlier. I started the project on my birthday last year, so it (clearly) came to an end this past week. All photos are taken with the same camera, and are unedited (except for one or two that are cropped or the one panorama that is stitched). It is odd not to no longer carry a camera every day, and it is odd to look back on my life in a series of 365 photos.

Here's January, 2010. (click to enlarge)

January 18th

January 19th

January 20th

January 21st

January 22nd

January 23rd

January 24th

January 25th

January 26th

January 27th

January 28th

January 29th

January 30th

January 31st

Carriage, take me with you! Ship, steal me away from here!
Take me far, far away. Here the mud is made of our tears!

Charles Baudelaire

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