Tuesday, September 14, 2010

EoB: Wedding Cakes and Potatoes

I'm continuing to repost (post-dated) diary entries from my trip. I'm in DC now, but if you scroll down you can relive my Oregon Trail odyssey in real time. As always, pictures are click to enlarge.

Shortly after passing Arches National Park, we turned north on highway 191. We were quickly into the absolute middle of the desert, when the gas light came on. Excellent. About 20 minutes (and an unknown amount of gas) later, we came to an abandoned gas station, which, judging by gas prices, hasn't been open since the late 80's. But, we were momentarily fooled, since they had a decoy car parked at one of the pumps! I was pretty excited, not only about getting gas, but also about getting gas for $1.10!

Eventually in about 50 miles we were literally bale to roll off the highway and through some more desert into the picturesque town of East Carbon. In Carbon County, Utah, there are 6 towns and 11 ghost towns. We found gas, and were saved! Unfortunately, the city museum was closed on Mondays.

Civilization came pretty quick after that. The desert gave way to red rock canyons and the area got more fertile and green and populated the closer we got to Provo and then Salt Lake.

After checking into our adorable hostel in Salt Lake, we headed out to explore a bit and find some dinner. Amost immediately we stumbled upon the Salt Lake Temple. Screw that building in Rome, this one ought to be nicknamed the Wedding Cake. I really want to see one of those cake shoes make it. anyway, it was really stunning all lit up at night. It always surprises me how "stumble" can actually very accurately be used to describe the way I seem to find really large buildings.

This morning we did another walk around downtown, this time in the daylight, and bought some postcards. Salt Lake has a great vibe. People were really friendly and there wer tons of bike and eco-friendly measures all over. Contrary to some expectations, I wasn't proselytized once.

After saying out goodbyes to Chrissy and Alison, we hi 15 North again heading for Blackfoot, Idaho. I've got to say, Southeastern Idaho is beautiful! It was all gorgeous mountains and farm filled alleys. Anyway, I'm marrying a potato farmer and moving there.

We went to Blackfoot to visit the World potato Expo, totally worth the trip. With admission ($1.50) we got free hash browns!

Also, I learned an ungodly amount about potatoes. For example, one potato is 36 french fries (on average). Also, Idaho produces 1/3 of America's potatoes, and 40% of that comes from beautiful Southeastern Idaho!

On the way back to the highway, I experienced my first live tumbleweed! It tumbled across the highway, and then literally got all up in Blue Betty's grill! So exciting!

Next up: Twin Falls.

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