Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shanghai Stuff

For about the last week, my showers have been excruciating. So, so, so, sososo hot! My shower has always had basically two settings: hot and cold. There's no such thing as warm. This hasn't been a problem before, because the hot temperature has been perfect. So, I've chalked up the past week's pain to the sudden turn of cold weather and being too weak (like going straight from playing in the snow to a hot tub and it kinda burns).

Then, today, I looked at the water heater. After some serious translation and lots of button pushing (my water heater, like my washing machine, closely resembles an MP3 player), I pulled out the units converter. Somehow, my water heater had reset itself to 47 degrees - in American that's about 117 degrees. Pain. Perhaps most disturbing is the fact that it can go up to 99 degrees - over 200 in American.

It's been fixed.

Also, my trials with baking in a toaster continue. Again, with the Celsius! 120 degrees sounds so low. I was baking a chocolate cake today and actually burnt the top! I didn't even know that was possible, and I'm dying of shame.
All ended up just fine, though:

Anyways it's so crazy that the semester is going to be over so soon! And then I'm off to an unplanned 2 month plus couchsurf of unemployment. Any ideas what I should do from mid-December to mid-February?


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