Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Shanghai Stuff

It's been an exciting couple of weeks here in the Pearl of the Orient! After I got back from my Qinghai trip (of which entries are still being added and post-dated! See here and here and here and here and here!), some of my friends from IES BJ came to visit. Sean was between jobs in Hong Kong (香港) and Drew is living/working in nearby Hangzhou (杭州). It was a wonderful visit, I was a crappy tour guide, and we marveled at the tourist tunnel and the ubiquitousness of Haibao.

This past weekend I got 17 new kiddos from Babson. So far so good, and orientating in October is weird. I've been getting to chaperone all their field trips though, which is way more fun than work. Excellent. It meant the tourist tunnel twice in two weeks (a little much even for me) and I got to go on a river cruise of the Huangpu! Something I've always been too cheap/lazy to do, but now I will definitely recommend it to SH visitors, especially during this glorious fall weather.

Other than that, life is going well, as is probably evident by my toaster oven post. Mmm delicious cookies. Halloween this weekend! I have no plans or costume yet, how about you? What is everyone going to be for Halloween?

This Friday I will either have a Chinese midterm or meet Kofi Annan and Muhammad Yunus. Hmmm...


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