Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Køpenhaven IV & Stanstead & Suzy B

Wednesday morning Arden and I went to the Carlsberg factory. They have the world's largest bottle collection, and they were not kidding - it was pretty crazy. There was a self-guided tour through the history of brewing etc. At the end there was this neat smell test where you smelled samples of beer flavoring ingredients and market your favorites. Then a sheet told you which Carlsberg beers you ought to like. My favorite scent was the prunes, which is apparently only used in the Christmas beer. I could go the rest of my life never smelling the corn or licorice ones again. So, for one of our free drinks, Arden and I split the last bottle of the Semper Ardens Christmas beer. It was easily the best beer I've ever had - complex with a citrus aftertaste. For my second, I got a Tuborg originally produced for Children. It was really sweet, but I liked it. It was based on caramel flavors and you could tell - it tasted like candy. Girliest beer ever - I was clearly judged by the bartender - but I'm ok with that.

Then I rushed back to the hostel and got my stuff, made a quick iconic stop at a hot dog stand (bun with the fixings, actually a normal, numbered order - my kind of hot dog cart), and then hauled to the train station. Just made my flight, off to London.

Stanstead is about a 45 minute train ride from teh city surrounded by idyllic farms. Super cute. Small airport - I had to walk on the tarmac. I was a bit panicky because there are legit no payphones in the Stanstead airport, but I hedged my bets and hoped Tony and Emma would think to find me at Liverpool.

Eventually found Emma at the train and went to her family's house in West Wickham. A bit far from the city - 20 to 30 minute train ride - but beggars can't be choosers, and I love them. Oh, Suzy B!

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