Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I Went to a Concert with Bread and a Polo

Last night I went to Talib Kweli concert. I regret not having my camera, but it was a bit of a last minute decision to attend. As in, I was walking home from the bakery, was accosted by a friend on the street and thrown into a cab. So I attended the concert in a polo and loafters carrying a loaf of bread. But, it was totally worth it because the concert was awesome. I was in the very front, and got a few high fives (I was also right next to the speaker and my right ear is still ringing a bit). He's a really good performer. At one point during the concert he did a couple throw back sing alongs that he would rap over including Sweet Dreams by La Bouche and other such guilty pleasures. I didn't know the band that followed his performance before last night, but they were amazing! They're called Ozomatli, and you should definitely look into their stuff. They're from the LA area, so their music has a spanishy feel, but they're also very rock and easy to dance to. They played a ton of instruments too, including trumpet, trombone and gourd. For their big finale, they jumped off the stage - with their instruments - and played a song or two in the middle of the crowd, and then - still playing their instruments - started a conga line with the entire audience for the final song. It was awesome. Basically they were just amazing performers who really got the crowd incredibly pumped. We hung around afterward to meet the band and they were all really laid back and cool, so we went to the after party back at their hotel for a bit.

Basically, last night was awesome and totally worth sneaking in through the window at three in the morning, and I really want you guys to listen to this band, because I think I love them.


P.S. The silk road back entries are coming along. Please scroll down and check them out.

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